Don’t knock it til you try it!

So when a co-worker first told me about this whole paint and sip thing I thought to myself. Why would I want to paint when I can’t even draw stick figures? After several invites I gave in and decided to try it and see what it was all about. Being me I did a little research and looked at different facebook pictures and was truly impressed at how good the paintings were but was skeptical because to me they must have had some artistic experience. So I walked into the event not expecting much, at minimum it was a different type of night out with friends. I sat down and in front of me was a blank canvas, palette with primary paint colors, a cup of water and some brushes. In front of the room was the painting that was being painted for the night, I thought to myself there is no way my painting is going to look like that. The class begins with a brief introduction from the instructor and then she begins giving us our first set of instructions. After several steps I was so surprised at how my painting was evolving, not to mention the conversations and laughs being shared with the other painters. It was great everyone was mingling and having a really good time. The thing that I found most amazing was how relaxed I was. With every brush stroke and mixing of the colors I felt a sense of serenity, there was nothing else on my mind but the colors on my palette and the image I was creating. At the end of the night I was truly impressed at the final result of my painting and how much fun I had with friends. I have attended several other events and have encouraged friends and family to attend an event. This exposure has heightened my interest in the arts and has restored my husband’s passion for painting. Come try it! – Adomah Williams

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