Full Circle!

So here I am at the next level in my creative career. Painting, sketching, logos, murals, graffiti, tee shirts, jean jackets, boots and sneaker designs.

I found my love for art and music early on in my life and these 2 worlds have been with me ever since. As an artist of both music and art I am inspired by shapes, colors, sounds, and melodies. Having been self taught I never knew the right or wrong way to create…I just create and have fun while doing it. Me, my pencil and GOD’S WILL is how I got this far. I along with my family and a host of friends,  are about to embark on a new era in this world of creativity PLATINUM *ART is the culmination of all that I am, the music ..the art..woodworking..acting.. and teaching. All bring me to a center of peace and happiness.The people whom I have learned from ..taught..created with ..been inspired by and hopefully inspired. I pray that you stop by to have fun and be creative. Everyone who I ever taught knows my slogan “it’s just art” lol this is a HUGE stepping stone in my career and I plan to leap towards the next level alongside the best team anyone could ask for. My grandparents use to say  “When all else fails …be brilliant.. be creative”



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