Getting Creative with it!

So you would think after moving 210 pieces of sheetrock many, many boxes of flooring and so much more physical labor that designing the studio would be a breeze. Well think again, especially when working with creative and opinionated individuals.  When it comes to design everyone has their own style. Just like when it comes to creativity no two ideas are usual the same. This is Platinum Art’s sole purpose we envision a place where you can come and get inspired to create your one of a kind “thing”.

With this in mind we wanted  the design of the studio to have its own unique creative look.  The studio is definitely a combination of our creative style simple and sleek with enough boldness to make you saw “wow”, “thats a good idea” or “I want to try that”. The challenge became designing a space for all ages with all own touch.

In order to have a cohesive design we had to compromise on some things while still allowing our individual creativity to be expressed. The common element with all our designs was that we wanted to it to be made and not purchased. I must say some projects were VERY time consuming but it in the long run it turned out great and we had fun working together. At the end of the day that’s what it is all about. Making memories and having fun. Come join us for fun events and come make memories.

A. Williams

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