The Humble Hustler

As a child I’ve always had that “Go-Getter” mentality. My parents instilled the importance of earning the things I desired at an early age. After completing chores that were assigned to me without compensation, it didn’t take long for me to turn yard work that was required of me at home, into a side hustle that I extended to my neighborhood. Shortly after I became known as the local “landscaping” kid. Now I was no professional by any means, but I believe that the people who paid me for my services saw my drive and how determined I was at such a young age. I always dreamed of being a business owner, but the financial risk and slow turnover for a profit always concerned me. It wasn’t until I was laid off from jobs I thought I enjoyed, that I revisited the idea of entrepreneurship again. A few poor choices and bad decisions landed me on a “25 day vacation” where I was able to use the down time to brainstorm and develop a new approach and game plan towards my life.

Soon after I was blessed with steady work and things were slowly coming together. Although I was happy to be back at work, I was still running myself ragged for a company who I had no real say so in. I had received a business proposition from my siblings, and it didn’t take long for me to decide that this was something I wanted to be a part of. Platinum Art was born, and we endured this eventful journey that many first time small businesses experience in pursuit of building a brand that our community will recognize and support. And as we conclude our final stages, I find myself overwhelmed with a variety of emotions. I am blessed to have such a strong supportive family.

I am currently employed as a full-time Supervisor for a packaging company. One day I look forward to being financially stable enough to walk away and give my undivided time to my business. However, this process has humbled me in ways I would have never imagined. From leaving one establishment as an employee, to turning the keys to my own place of business, it is truly a grounding transition. I owe my humility to The Most High, my parents, and a work ethic that was instilled in me at a young age. Just call me “The Humble Hustler” who hopes that one day my story can inspire someone in a similar predicament as myself. I believe that with hard work, discipline, and determination that anything is possible.

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